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Have Diabetes? Follow These Foot Care Tips

Did you know that over 11% of the population in the US has diabetes? That is about 37.3 million people, and an additional 96 million are reported to have prediabetes! With such a high prevalence of people who have diabetes, it’s important to know that it can affect many aspects of your health, including your feet!

How does diabetes affect your feet?
When you have diabetes, your body is not able to use or create enough insulin to help convert blood sugar into energy, causing high blood glucose levels in your bloodstream. Having chronic high blood glucose can lead to a variety of complications, including nerve damage, a weakened immune system, poor circulation, slow healing, and high risks of developing ulcers. Left untreated, wounds can quickly become infected and lead to serious consequences like amputation, so preventative care including regular visits to the podiatrist is crucial. Our podiatrists at Step Lively Foot & Ankle Centers also recommend these tips!

Look over your feet everyday
It’s important to inspect your feet everyday to check for small cuts, scrapes, blisters, or any other injuries because nerve damage can make it difficult to feel injuries. It’s also a great opportunity to notice any changes in your skin or toenails.

Protect your feet
When you have diabetes, it’s important to avoid being barefoot to minimize risks of injuries. Protect your feet with properly-fitting shoes with custom orthotics for optimal comfort and support. Ask about getting prescription shoes made for diabetics!

Wash your feet
You may not be a shower-every-day kind of person, but you should be a daily foot washer to keep your feet clean and free of bacteria. Remember to get in between your toes, and dry them thoroughly.

Diabetes can often cause your skin to become dry, so it’s important to keep them moisturized to prevent cracking. However, avoid the areas between your toes.

Trim toenails straight across
A common mistake we see is patients cutting their toenails in a rounded fashion. Always cut them straight across to avoid nail problems like ingrown toenails.

Stay active
Exercise is an important part of your health, especially when you have underlying health issues. Consult with healthcare professionals to find safe forms of exercise, and ask our podiatrists about proper footwear!

With the proper care and support, diabetes can be manageable. Include a foot care specialist to be a part of your health care team to ensure the best health possible! Seeing a podiatrist regularly can help you address any diabetes-related foot concerns, preventative care, wound management, and custom orthotics.

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