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6 Ways to Relieve Your Bunion Pain

Even without extensive podiatric knowledge, most people know what bunions look like. In fact, they are such a common foot condition that many people do not consider seeking help from a podiatrist until it becomes severe. Bunions are a progressive condition, meaning that over time, they worsen bit by bit if not properly addressed. They typically develop as a result of genetics, tight and ill-fitting shoes, poor foot mechanics, and other underlying conditions like arthritis. While surgery may be what comes to mind to treat bunions, there are many other ways to conservatively address them before needing surgery.

Try these tips to relieve your bunion pain:

  1. Use custom orthotic inserts to address underlying issues with foot mechanics like flat feet and overpronation. Providing more support for the arch area can reduce stress on the big toe area, and help improve your gait.
  2. Wear shoes with wide toe boxes. Avoid high heels and narrow shoes that tend to squeeze the toes together.
  3. Use padding, taping, and specialized products to protect the big toe joint. This extra layer can help prevent inflammation and pain from worsening.
  4. Use foot and toe exercises to increase flexibility, strength. You can also massage the big toe area and soles, and practice using your toes to pick up objects to strengthen the muscles.
  5. Alleviate pain and enhance your toe movement through physical therapy. If you require surgery, doing physical therapy during your post-op recovery will help you regain your strength and mobility!
  6. Take pain medications to reduce pain and inflammation.

Get help from a podiatrist

No matter how mild your bunion may be, if it is causing you discomfort or pain, it is time to make an appointment with a podiatrist. At Step Lively Foot & Ankle Centers, our team of foot doctors are dedicated to helping you improve your foot and ankle health through years of experience and advanced treatments. Address your foot concerns and issues by seeking early treatment and consulting with our podiatrists about an individualized treatment plan.

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