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I think most of us will agree that while our feet tucked away in winter shoes & boots, we probably pay them a lot less attention than we should! Through the winter months we still apply moisturizer to the rest of our body daily but sometimes disregard our feet. Then when the warm weather comes and our feet bare all we need quick fixes to get them into tip top condition!

So rule number one is “treat your feet” all year round. Include your feet in your daily beauty routine.

For those who have abandoned their feet over the past winter, here are six tips to help you throughout the summer:

  1. If your feet are a little worse for wear to start with - a trip to see a Podiatrist at the beginning of summer is well worth it. The podiatrists at Step Lively can properly treat any existing foot problems you may have & give you advice accordingly.
  1. Invest in a good pair of quality nail clippers & follow the contour of the nail when you trim. Never dig down the sides of the nail as this can cause in grown toe nails. If you start to experience redness, swelling, warmth, or pain you should contact a podiatrist.
  1. Nothing looks worse in a pair of stylish new sandals than dry cracked heels! Cracked heels can be caused by a variety of things such as increased weight, increased friction from the back of shoes, or wearing open-back shoes. It can also be a subtle sign of a more significant problem such as diabetes or loss of nerve function. Visiting one of our Step Lively podiatrists will help you determine if you just need a well moisturized cream or further treatment.
  1. If sweaty or odorous feet are causing you problems, it is due to bacteria and/ or fungus that grows in the shoe. It’s important to wash your feet daily with soap and water, make sure you dry them thoroughly, and always wear clean, dry socks. Regularly alternating your footwear will also help.
  1. Over the summer we are more likely to pick up some sort of fungal infection on our skin or nails. These can be picked up from communal swim pools, gyms, your garden or even just your shoes. There are some great over the counter sprays & creams to deal with these, but don’t leave it too long before treating them. Your Step Lively podiatrist can help you determine what product or course of action will best meet your needs.
  1. Sandals aren’t great for your feet, but they are a summer essential! When looking to buy, look for a style which has thicker soles, a contoured foot bed to support your foot & a thicker strap to hold the foot in place. Our team of experienced podiatrists can assist with finding the right sandal for you.