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Please Welcome Alena Weldy PA-C!

Help us in welcoming the newest addition to our Step Lively family, Alena Weldy PA-C. Alena is a certified and licensed Physician Assistant, who will be working out of our Pickerington location under Dr. Tim Holmes.

Alena is a proud graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, right here in Ohio. She is very passionate about providing quality and patient-centered medical care.

We are more than excited to have PA-C Weldy working with us as we continue to grow to serve all of your foot and ankle care needs.

Welcome again, PA-C Weldy, we are grateful and overjoyed to have you in our Step Lively family!


Congratulations To Our Very Own Dr. Lee Hlad On Being A Featured Speaker At The 2018 ASPS Surgical Conference!!

Wondering how to fit shoes for your children or grandchildren? Dr. Lee Hlad explains in this article published by Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

First Shoes: Choosing the Right Pair for Your Child
Author: Lee Hlad, DPM

Published February 8, 2018 in: Child Development, Parenting, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Parenting is full of wonderful moments, but it can also include a fair share of frustrations. One of those frustrations can be finding the right shoes for your toddler. However, you can follow some simple rules to make your child’s journey to walking a better experience. Toddlers should be encouraged to walk in shoes to help them with stability and it is essential that their first pair of shoes are purchased at a store where they can be fitted for the correct size. If you are unable to have someone in the store help you – as a quick guide – the end of the shoe should be the width of your child’s thumb (not your thumb) away from their longest toe. Keep in mind, their longest toe may be the second toe and not their “big” one. Only about 20 percent of toddlers fit into shoes with regular width – most require a wide shoe that is greater than a “D.” Many parents opt for longer shoes to accommodate the size of the foot, however these are more likely to cause your toddler to be clumsy when walking. Have your child walk for you and watch their heels. If they pop out, they are too big. Keep in mind that your toddler grows very quickly and you may need to change shoes every three or four months. If your child’s heels show signs of blisters, the shoes are likely too small. It is easy to get sidetracked by trendy shoes, but parent should stick to basic functionality and design. Sometimes you will have to let the toddler pick out a favorite style just to get them to wear their shoes, but studies show that sneakers are three times more likely to cause falls on tile floors and five times more likely to cause falls on rugged floors than just general shoes. Socks are an important part of sizing and should be worn every day. Your child’s feet can sweat a lot, so be mindful of the material the shoes contain. If you notice that your child’s feet are wet or have mild odor, try swapping the shoes for something with a different material. Nobody ever said that shoe sizing and learning to walk is easy for parents or children! If you have difficulty, rely on the fitting professionals in the stores and for more challenging cases, you may need to consult a medical professional. First Shoes: Choosing the Right Pair for Your Child